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People don't buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
- Seth Godin
Every business has a unique story, let me help you tell yours.


I write

web texts, blogs, and social media content that also does well in the search engine. No boring standard texts, but cool content that inspires your reader, gets shared, and gets those likes coming in of course. 


I optimize

existing content. Did you have your web texts written 10 years ago? Great! Just as the marketing world is constantly changing, it's also important that you adapt and upgrade the way you communicate with your customer. I will give your website content that refresh you are longing for!


I create

logos, graphics for social media, and posters to promote your events. Do you want to increase your presence on social media but you don't have enough pictures? Work with images! Quotes, infographics, or an announcement. I advice you about your social media strategy and which style suits your company best.


I translate

With a Canadian father and a Dutch mother I was raised bilingually and therefore I am a native speaker of both languages. Take your business to the next level and engage International customers! 

Therapy Sessions
About me

Just like every business has a story, so does every person. Let me tell you a bit of mine.

I was born in Canada and raised in Beek, a small town in the South of the Netherlands. With a Canadian father and a Dutch mother, I was raised bilingually and consider both languages my native language.

About 4.5 years ago I felt it was time for an adventure, a big adventure. Without thinking about it too much, I moved to Vietnam to teach English. This might sound cool but believe me, once I was on the plane, I spontaneously had a panic attack (I've never been to Asia, what the hell am I going to do!?). As scary as it was, I still see this huge step out of my comfort zone as one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself.

After happily living in Vietnam for two years, I went on a trip to Bali. I fell in love with this magical island pretty much immediately. Indonesia inspired me to seriously pursue my content business.


As a little girl, I already had a passion for communication, translating spoken words into writing and images. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with the coolest brands in the most inspiring places.

These days, I'm grateful that I can work location independently. I divide my time between Europe and Asia. This doesn't mean that I never work on location. I love building real-life connections with clients, and since I'm flexible in terms of location, I often work hybride.

Every business starts with a 'why,' and that 'why' is what people buy into. Whether it's a product or a service, your customers don't buy WHAT you sell, but WHY you sell it.

My passion is to translate your 'why' into valuable content that resonates with people and drives action.

This could be cool Instagram reels, attention-grabbing LinkedIn posts, or a newsletter that people are genuinely looking forward to!

If you prefer creating your own content but need someone to brainstorm with on how to approach this, during a strategy session, I'll guide you on how to get the most out of your content marketing strategy.

Have you become enthusiastic about a potential collaboration? Drop me a message, and let's talk over a (virtual) cup of coffee!

Jamie's copy and translation services are right on! She is committed, engaged, and timely.
I truly recommend her work.

Elizabeth D.

Founder Yoga Brook


A selection of my clients...

Le Marais
Book Creator
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Techionista Academy
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