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My work...

Curious about my work? Take a look at the beautiful projects I got to work on!

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Le Marais

I'm currently working as in-house content marketer at Le Marais in Maastricht. Besides creating graphic content and managing the social media channels, I also manage the web shop.

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Si! Hotels

Recently, I spent 3 months in the Maldives, where in addition to surfing, I also had the opportunity to work with several wonderful businesses. Here's an example of one of the 'travel guides' I had the chance to design and write.

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Techionista Academy

Since 2022 I have been working as as a content editor for Techionista Academy, I blog, edit, translate, and create content for LinkedIn. I also participated in the creation and promotion of the great Techionista Podcast

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Shopping EventVIP

During this incredible project with Shopping Event VIP, I took over their social media creation and wrote some engaging blogs. Read them here

COCO Collection

On a monthly basis, I write social media captions for this luxurious knitwear brand. Check out the Instagram page of COCO Collection here!

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Nourishing Life Retreat.png

Nourishing Life Retreat

I had the honor of writing the landing page for this incredible retreat in Portugal. 

Yoga Beek

Besides content writing and creation, I also translate existing content. This Iyengar yoga studio gave me the honor to translate their entire webpage, have a look here

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