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About me

About 4.5 years ago I felt it was time for an adventure, a big adventure. Without thinking about it too much, I moved to Vietnam to teach English. This might sound cool but believe me, once I was on the plane, I spontaneously had a panic attack (I've never been to Asia, what the hell am I going to do!?). As scary as it was, I still see this huge step out of my comfort zone as one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself.

After happily living in Vietnam for two years, I went on a trip to Bali. I fell in love with this magical island pretty much immediately. As a little girl, I already had a passion for communication, translating the spoken word into writing. Living in Indonesia and my desire to work remotely inspired me to get serious about my copywriting business. Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience in writing web copy, SEO product descriptions, blogs, social media captions, and translations.

During my travels, I have become an enthusiastic surfer, and after 4.5 years in Asia, I decided it was time to hit the waves a little closer to home. At the moment, I am in a wonderful little town in Portugal where I work from my laptop with great enthusiasm and a cappuccino within reach.

Every business starts with a 'why' and that 'why' is what people buy. Whether it's a product or service, your customers don't buy WHAT you sell, but WHY you sell it.

My passion is translating your 'why' into valuable content that inspires people and encourages them to act. Is this what your business needs? Send me a message and let's talk while enjoying a (virtual) cup of coffee!

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